Competencies are divided into two, namely Surface Competencies and Core Competencies,
Surface Competencies are easily visible and easy to develop such as
Knowledge and Skills. Meanwhile, Core Competency is not easy to see and more
difficult to develop, because it is a basic element of competence, but directs and controls
the behavior of surface competencies such as motives, traits, self-concept and
values. For this reason, it is necessary to have an Assessment.


  1. Written test: Paper test: Is a series to obtain initial data from partcipants.
  2. Interview: Dig deeper related to the suitability of the test results with the personality in question.
  3. Group Discussion: This series of test is a very effective follow-up step to see certain points in each participant by paying attention to the interactions of each participant.
  4. Case study : For certain positions and positions, a “case study” is needed, because in this case participants are asked to provide feedback on examples of cases
  5. Conclusion: make considerations which will later refer to the results contained