PT IMECON TEKNINDO is an Indonesian company which is engaged in Human Resources services.
Established since 1999, was founded by practitioners and professionals in their fields, has
services such as recruitment services, contract labor management services (outsourcing),
psychological tests and Assessment and wage tax calculation & Contract services.
Experience for more than 2 decades in more high competition made us continues to improve
its services, so we can survive and even grow, and this experiences makes us understand
more about the meaning of the importance of a service.


1. Supported by a professional team, strong and has integrity.
2. Experienced for two decades.
3. Has an I-HRS system (IMECON Human Resources System) which supports services
4. WEB-based reporting
5. Conduct periodic assessments of the workforce
6. Client have more time to focus for own business.
7. Receive consultations related to applicable laws and regulations
8. No need worry about labor risks


Manufacturing, Trading, Warehousing, Shipping, Banking, Agroindustry, Powerplant,
E-Commerce, Land transportation, couriers, Telecommunications,Information & Technology, Hospitals etc.


Machine operator, Warehouse operator, Driver, Security, Helper, Administrator,
Operator Forklift, Loader, Technician, Maintenance, Gardener, Cleaning Service,
Office Boy, Admin Accounting, Project Administration, Transmission Engineering,
Civil Engineering, Secretary, Nurse, Customer Service, Phone Operator,
Receptionist, Sales Promotion Girl, Sales Representative, Merchandiser,
Project Coordinator, Programmer, Helpdesk, Design Graphic, Courier, Messenger,
Uploader, etc.